About Debbie


  • Since 1999, "Debbie's Dogs" has helped thousands of dog owners train their dogs in Chicago.
  • Many of her students are referrals from past students, Chicago area vets, and rescue organizations. 
  • Her studies in psychology at Hofstra University (NY), where she earned a four year BA degree, have played an integral part in her understanding of behavior and training.  


  • In 2000, Debbie received her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) with honors, from the Academy for Dog Trainers, under the direction of world renowned trainer and author Jean Donaldson ("The Culture Clash", "Dogs are from Neptune", "Fight", and "Mine").   
  • "Regarded by many as the Harvard of dog training..." "The Academy for Dog Trainers offers one of the most rigorous, advanced programs in dog behavior and training in  the world".


  • VICTORIA CHOOSE THEM. All VSPDT trainers have been chosen by and worked personally with Victoria.    
  • WORLD-CLASS BEHAVIOR EXPERTS. VSPDT's are the most accomplished, professional dog trainers world-wide.    
  • POSITIVE TRAINING. VSPDT's can help with any issue using only positive, science-based methods.
  • NO FORCE, FEAR, OR INTIMIDATION. VSPDT's never use pain or fear when working with dogs.    
  • POSITIVE RESULTS. VSPDT's teach effective canine communication skills to achieve lasting results.


  • The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of over 6000 trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.    
  • We were founded in 1993 by Ian Dunbar DVM, Ph.D. as a forum for trainers to associate with one another and to discuss topics of mutual interest.    
  • We have since become a member-driven organization producing educational conferences in locations throughout the United States. 


The Pet Professional Guild's mission is to help make every pet a valued member of its family and improve the relationship and the quality of life people share with their pets by;    

  • Providing the greatest value and highest quality, state-of-the-art, force-free, scientific based pet training and pet care for each clients.    
  • We will always demonstrate integrity, compassion and an uncompromising commitment to excellence in the care and support of clients and their pets. 
  • We will continually expand our knowledge and improve our skills to serve our clients as a valuable resource, providing the most innovative pet training and pet care possible. 


  • Debbie is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor.    
  • She has taught innovative Tricks and Circus Dog classes and workshops for many years.
  • Multiple past and current students have gone on to title their dogs from their Novice to Champion Trick Dog Titles.     
  • Debbie's personal dog, Ludo, has acted in commercials (including Walmart and Gatorade) and is a Champion Trick Dog.    
  • Debbie, Ludo, and her Tricks Crew have performed multiple tricks shows for events such as the International Kennel Club show.  


  • Debbie is on the staff of Camp Dogwood - an overnight camp for owners and their dogs.    
  • She teaches classes such as: Coaching reactive dogs to success, Reliable Recall, Tricks, Circus School for Dogs, Parkour, and more.