A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

Exciting News


Debbie is proud of her partnership with trainer, author, and star of Animal Planets "It's Me or the Dog" Victoria Stilwell. Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog training (VSPDT) is a global network of world-class positive reinforcement dog trainers hand-picked by Victoria to ensure that you have access to the most accomplished, professional, reward-based training option in your area. 


In addition to offering dog training services, Debbie also serves as a mentor for students enrolled in the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior (VSA). VSA is a first class educational institution that provides aspiring dog trainers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin a career as a dog trainer.


The first annual Stunt Dog Nationals were held during TriDEx 2018. Stunt Dog Trials are live trick shows performed in front of an audience. Debbie is a Stunt Dog Judge, and is available to teach tricks seminars and judge stunt dog trials. 


Debbie's dog Ludo earned multiple titles during TriDEx. He, and two of Debbie's students dogs made it to the top six grand champion finals.

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