My pit mix Daisy just finished Good Manners 1 and we are very happy with progress she made! There was a dog in the class that was kind of impossible (?) but Debbie did not give up on him. He was able to participate in the class after a while. As a dog owner, I really appreciated Debbie's effort. That could have been my dog! Debbie also gave us plenty of good advice on dealing with Daisy who is very shy with strangers and unfamiliar settings. She even prepared a few pages of
printout on shy dogs for us at the end of the course. Daisy is still a very shy girl but now shows interest in strangers! Just that is worth a ton for us. Debbie expects you to follow up with your homeworks, and encourages you to have patience. We keep working with Daisy and plan to take Good Manners2 in near future. We already recommended Debbie to a neighbor who just got a puppy. - Pearl Hundley

Ruby and I took Intro to Agility and Rally Obedience with Debbie and I believe that we both had tons of fun. Debbie did a fantastic job explaining everything to us and was very patient with the pups, never pushed them to do anything that might frighten them or turn them away from agility. I am looking forward to Agility 2 with Ruby and sometime in the spring our younger puppy, Cosmopolitan, will be trying her luck at Agility and Rally Obedience. Great class, fun atmosphere and it definitely is a good way to get your dog\'s energy focused on learning something fun. Thank you Debbie, Iwona Kozak

We just finished Good Manners 1. My husband, Colin, and I thought it was a great help. Our dog is very smart but rather misbehaved, and this really helped to get him paying better attention to us. Plus, this is my first dog (not my husband\'s) and I learned a LOT about being a good dog owner/trainer. (I still have much to learn).

Possibly the best aspect about the class was Debbie -- she was fantastic. She\'s effective and intelligent without being patronizing or domineering. When we go back for another class, we want to take a class of Debbie\'s. She\'s the kind of trainer who instills trust in her class (dogs and humans, alike).

And, as we found out on the last day, she bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie! Many thanks, ~Beth Bullock

Poppy started at the bottom of the class, and ended up being the valedictorian! We're so proud of her! Debbie has helped us so much, down to the recommendation on the front facing harness. She improved so much and the final test last night was a great bonding experience for our family ( we were all there, parents and two kids). I can send pictures if you want, as well as a video of the awarding ceremony. It would inspire other students/parents for your future class. - Pauline Camacho

Our little dog Leo just completed the Good Manners 1 class and we are working on everything we have learned. Debbie is like the dog whisperer, it's amazing how they respond to her - and are so happy to learn from her! But it's the dog parents that need to learn the most, so that their dogs will want to respond to them the same. That is the focus of the class. - Marilyn Skok

WE LOVE DEBBIE and Tucker Pups! We can't wait to start the next session of Agility classes! Our pup, Charlie, would get so excited when we would pull up to the building. He learned to be quite the gentleman and he even learned a few tricks (graduated at the top of his class!). Debbie is so kind and patient with the dogs and kept the class going at a great speed. We have recommended you to everyone!!! - THANK YOU! -Bree, Erik, & Charlie

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes, Debbie is great always insightful and Zoey has definitely grown as a puppy. Debbie gives you the tools to help you understand how to have a nice polite puppy and we are very grateful and proud of our little girl.
Are you confident in recommending our trainer to a friend? Absolutely, if we hear of anyone getting a puppy we would definitely recommend Debbie and Tucker Pups.
Was the trainer knowledgeable, clear and helpful? Debbie is very knowledgeable, not only does she give you exercises to do in class and at home she helps you understand why those exercises work and how your puppy learns and processes information, giving you the ability to really connect with your puppy and not get frustrated through the process.
Did you learn enough to make the course worth the time and expense? Yes, Zoey gets lots of compliments from friends, her vet and family about how well behaved she is and we owe a lot of that to the tools and work that Debbie helped us with.
Has your dog's behavior changed? She is more social, since being able to play with the puppies in class, she doesn't bite anymore (which is crucial!) and she is learning tricks and good behavior everyday.
Do you feel you can better communicate with your dog in the future? Definitely, dog training has come such a long way since we were kids and it's so nice to have a better understanding of how puppies think and learn and know that you can have a well behaved puppy/dog by only using positive training techniques. Getting the right treats helps a lot too! -Melanie Ludmann

We had a great experience taking our puppy for an obedience class at Tucker Pup's. Even though he was only 10 weeks old when we started the class, he learned a lot, and more importantly, we learned how to train and communicate with him. I have never trained a dog before, but Debbie Bickford made it easy and fun for us and our puppy. The methods used are both positive and effective. He loved the off-leash socialization time at the end of class. We plan to return for additional classes. - YELP review

Lyric and I had a wonderful experience in Polite Puppy training. Debbie was excellent; her commanding knowledge of dog cognition and motivation was very instructive. She does a great job “translating” dog behavior into human terms. She is passionate in her commitment to improving the welfare of dogs and their relationships with their caregivers. Lyric learned to obey basic commands, it’s true. But more importantly, I received the training and education that I needed to interact with Lyric in a win-win way that creates long-term bonding and skill retention. Based on time-tested learning theories, the training provides a solid behavioral foundation for the dog and her owner. I would highly recommend it. - Susan L. Staggs - Department of Psychology - University of Illinois at Chicago

This is my first yelp review because this is the first time I've elected a business solely based on other yelp reviews. My fiance and I enrolled our 5 month old boxer/lab mix in a Good Manners 1 class at Tucker Pups in the hopes of accomplishing some basic training skills. Our expectations were far exceeded as our dog is so well behaved now and we know how to communicate effectively with him. Our teacher, Debbie, was so knowledgeable and helpful. She took the time to work one-on-one with each dog during class and explained things in such a way that made you go 'duh'. We would recommend this class to anyone and are looking forward to Good Manners 2. In closing, this class was a wonderful experience for all 3 of us and we sincerely miss it.
Thank you Debbie and Tucker Pups! - Holly Thomas and "Cooper"

The CGC class was great! This was our second class we've taken with Debbie at Tucker Pup's so we knew we would be in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. One of Gunther's major hurdles to pass the CGC was to allow friendly strangers to pet him without shying away. After a couple of classes and a couple of great tips from Debbie, we started seeing a major improvement! He passed the test with flying colors and is now a Canine Good Citizen. It's so great to see him more comfortable when strangers (and friends) pet him! nGreat class, great instructor, and well worth the time, money and effort! - Kara Fromme
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