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Jason, Ripley and I think that Debbie must be a goddess. No, scratch that, we KNOW that she is a goddess!

I am a farm girl. I've spent years with a panoply of species and Jason and I spent a long time preparing for our "city-puppy". Seriously, I read no less than a dozen "training books" and bring my background w/ animals to the table so I thought I knew what I was doing. Within six weeks Debbie made all that history come to life and she added so much more. Her course was common sense, kind, intellectually stimulating and the best thing that we could have ever done for our family. I just wish she trained cats, as we have three that could use it.

Sorry, to be so long-winded, but I am so overwhelmingly impressed with Debbie and Tucker's as a whole. And I am NOT easily impressed. Understand, that Jason and I are singing your praises everywhere we go. And the proof is in the pooch! Daily, people remark on how well behaved Ripley is and we say the same thing: "Tucker's Pups. Debbie Bickford. Do yourself and you dog a favor and call them A.S.A.P."

I look forward for a long and loving relationship w/ y'all! Thank you for all the fabulous work that you do. My sincerest best, Amber

I have tried other beginning obedience classes and individual training. By far, Debbie's class exceeds her competitors and she surpassed my expectations. She is very articulate, knowledgeable, and an excellent instructor. In general, many people who try to be instructors know their material yet do not know how to "teach" it to others effectively. I was so happy to be a part of her class and to see she is an expert at what she does. Such a professional touch is her documenting material and homework assignments, provided in take-home material. She goes above and beyond others with "special touches". Without a doubt, Paris will be enrolled in Good Manners 2, in addition to other training classes at Tucker Pup's. THANKS Debbie and thanks Joel!! - Pamela Ethridge & Paris

I just wanted to send a quick repsonse back over to you about the puppy course.
Everything did meet our expectations and the trainer was wonderful, knowledgeable and patient with is something I get a bit nervous about when Oscar tended to act up in certain situations. I would definitely recomend to a friend based on the succes and progress we've seen with Oscar over the past 6 weeks. I felt it was time and money well spent and have noticed a significant increase in obedience and maturity since starting the course. With the methods covered in class I am confident we have a much better understanding of the tools we need to use in the future to continue to move forward in a positive and trusting relationship with Oscar. Thanks, Jeff Eisel

I just wanted to take a moment to praise TP and Debbie! I couldn't be happier with the results. Debbie, and Nigel (her dog), are amazing! Not only did I gain control over the situation, but also Jax (my furry Golden Doodle) had a great time. Prior to the class, I felt a total disconnect to Jax (due to his puppy problems). And now, I couldn't imagine being without him. Debbie could not have been more helpful. All of her methods worked! She gave positive criticism to help assist the training process. Also, she really made the class enjoyable (from the large spread of food the last day, to her Kong recipes, and the love she has for every puppy)! It was worth every penny! YELP review

My name is Bethsy Sachs and my little girl's name is Sophia Loren, 2 year old Golden Retriever. We took the GCC course with Debbie last year in August. While Sophia Loren was a little bit of a handful and I am sure at times Debbie probably thought she wasn't going to pass the test, to our amazement she did, and did a great job. As a Golden Retriever she's brilliant! I just wanted to thank you both, especially Debbie, for a great job! Sophia Loren volunteers at many nursing homes and kids with disabilities. Ever since she graduated we have been volunteering and Sophia Loren has brought many smiles to many faces!! I will be getting another little girl in the summer. Debbie, rest assured that you are going to see us both doing the training with you.

I highly recommend Debbie to anyone that is looking for an excellent trainer. If someone's issue is that you are too far for them, I always say it's worth the travel, and prices are FANTASTIC for the training your pet receives!! Thank you, - Bethsy Sachs & Sophia Loren

I cannot say enough about the Polite Puppy class. Minnie had a ball and she learned so much! Her behavior has definitely improved from the start of the class, especially her barking and leash manners. Debbie always kept the tone of the class fun and informative and the handouts at the end of each class were super helpful. Sometimes it felt like information overload but then getting home and reading through the homework made everything make sense. I would definitely recommend and have recommended Debbie’s classes to friends and peers. Thanks, Gina Montaleone

We had a great experience with our trainer Debbie. We just adopted a rescue and she has been difficult to train, however Debbie taught us many great techniques. She taught us many great ways to train and communicate with our dog. In particular she shows by example and around other dogs way to reward and train various types of dogs. By a few weeks there was noticeable improvement in our dogs behaviors and she is always learning new things. I would definitely be going to more classes and highly recommend the facilities and specifically Debbie as a trainer. - Timothy Floreth

I have already written a previous post on Yelp, so I just wanted to quickly respond about the Polite Puppy class. The course was such a great experience and Debbie is the best! I can imagine that it is very difficult to work with and train puppies, but she has it down! She is very knowledgeable, clear, and helpful. She is patient, but stern which is exactly what we needed for our puppy. Both Ivy (our puppy) and ourselves have learned so much through this experience, she is a totally different dog then when we started. Our communication level is a lot higher with her, and she now knows what to do to please us, most of the time :) We definitely will be interested in more classes in the future. We were recommended to her by our neighbor, and we will continue that recommendation to anyone looking for a class! Thanks, Kristen Kerestes

After having my new rescue dog for a few weeks, it was clear that his previous owners never bothered to teach him anything (they hadn't even bothered to neuter him so I am not surprised- I have a feeling he was used for breeding) and that he was going to need some obedience classes. He came housebroken and reasonably friendly, and that's about it. I had no idea how to get him to learn his name, was having moderate success getting him to "sit" and certainly could not get his attention on leash. I was nervous about bringing a dog I'd been told was likey 8-10 for schooling.

I am not going to lie and say the 6 weeks of Good Manners 1 has turned him into a perfectly mannered boy, and unless you have lots of time to train daily and live in a place where it is easy for you to consistently reinforce what you're learning in class, you shouldn't either. I have seen big improvements in my dog as well as the others in the class (which is more obvious week to week when you only see those dogs once a week).

Debbie is just a fantastic instructor. In your first class you will get so much information on why she teaches the way she does and some initial things to work on before the dogs come in the next class. You get a binder in which you get to keep the handouts and homework assignments for future reference (really helpful since it is hard to remember everything you learned while you were working with your pup as it can get a little stressful). I love her approach as I never really did like the idea of punishing a dog for doing things that just come naturally to him. I never felt like she was judging me even when my dog hadn't made much progress from one week to another (she expects you to practice but also knows most people are busy and can only do so much), she was very quick to respond to an email question, and always had helpful suggestions tailored to my dog's behavior (the front-lead harness has been a godsend on curbing his leash pulling and I probably wouldn't have though to try it!)...and the pups love and respond to her (she'll use everyone in demonstrations and watching your dog repond to her when it would ignore you in the same scenario is pretty funny).

A huge testament to her skills was the fact that the dog she had been using in her classes passed away right before our session was supposed to start. She adopted a new one (who was a stray a little over a year old if I recall correctly- so one you wouldn't expect to be easy to train!) and it was amazing to see how well-behaved he was already. I know she's a professional but with so little time, I just couldn't believe what he'd learned and his weekly progress It really is proof that setting rules and being consistent is incredibly effective.

I feel well-equipped after 6 classes to continue with the lessons we have learned until we really nail them down and perhaps feel up to Good Manners 2 or the Outdoor Adventures (which would be really helpful with my boy, as his biggest problem is dealing with what I assume he perceives as threats outdoors like bikes, runners and even the occasional person just passing us by).

This class was well worth the money and exactly the kind of training I was hoping for to help my dog and I understand each other and live in harmony!

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes this course was fabulous, but more importantly Debbie was fabulous! She was the perfect mix of teacher and friend. She was genuinely excited when my dog did as it was told and very fun. I learned alot....and I thought I knew a little bit about training a dog! Although my dog isn't perfect she definately minds much better and now we have some serious tools in order to help train her!

Are you confident in recommending our trainer to a friend? YES! I already have!

Was the trainer knowledgeable, clear and helpful? Debbie was the bomb....I am very excited because of her. I would love to have her knowledge and her job! She was an excellent communicator as well as a stern teacher. We are taking our pup to Intro to Agility so we will have more time with Debbie, which is great. If I can afford it, I'll continue taking classes here periodically...obviously to learn but also because it is fun to have some educational, structured activity with your dog.

Did you learn enough to make the course worth the time and expense? Worth every penny!

Has your dog's behavior changed? There are things we still need to work on but she is an excellent dog. Mostly we need to work on leash walking, but that is not perfect most likely b/c we have not practiced enough.

Do you feel you can better communicate with your dog in the future? :)
Nikki Deckert MS, ACE, CES

The Good Manners 1 course was perfectly suited to our 15 month old rescue dog. She needed the exposure to a safe, structured social setting with other people and other dogs. I needed the support and training tips to help her with some of her issues. And we both benefitted from working on skills with other dogs around. Debbie is a great instructor because she not only teaches you how to work with your dog, but she encourages you to have fun doing it. Our class also benefitted from other wonderful owners and dogs. At last night's 'graduation', all the dogs showed amazing improvement! Our dog started the 6 week program as a jumping, barking, scattered bundle of energy. She is still a bundle of energy, but she finished the program a much more focused, polite little girl. Of course, you have to practice at home - - an hour a week in class just scratches the surface. But the support, tips and encouragement you get at class are invaluable. - Amy Ripepi

My puppy became a whole new dog after taking the Polite Puppy course with Debbie. Not only has her behavior improved, but our communication has improved dramatically. She is a good listener now and it gave me a better understanding of how to discipline her as well. This course went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend Debbie to anyone. Her positive reinforcement teaching style works very effectively. Her instruction during class is very clear and concise and the handouts allow me to refresh my memory about techniques once I get home. This course was worth every penny and more! - YELP review

I can't say enough about this puppy class and Debbie. Having a puppy is overwhelming and all you want to have a good relationship with your dog and communicate with them. Debbie has set up such a positive and basic course with easy to follow steps to getting results. My husband and I ( and our dog, Nana) learned some much and have seen the result with a dog that knows what we expect and is excited about doing the right thing. I would recommend this class and Debbie's training to anyone, in fact, I already have told so many people about Tucker Pup's and Debbie. Thanks! - Cherilynn J Wood

I can't speak highly enough of the trainer Debbie and her Good Manners class. My dog Toby is very shy, and he was pretty nervous on his first day. Debbie was great with him, and knew exactly how to make the class fun and low-stress. I felt like he really solidified all of the skills he had some previous experience with, as well as learning lots of new ones. She also did a great job of going over basic psychology and training techniques that will be helpful when learning any new behaviors down the road. I am already looking at what class we want to take next. I think that Toby had a great time, and he came out of the class with a lot more confidence and lots of new tricks to show off! - YELP review

First of all, I want to confess that we are a bit biased. We met Debbie Bickford about 8 years ago when she led a training class at PetSmart, where our first Boxer was enrolled. The training methods Debbie taught us were so effective that when we got our second Boxer we knew we had to track Debbie down for a refresher.
I am happy to report that she not only provided a refresher but also taught us new techniques as well as provided some new insight into the psyche of dogs.
My wife and I are very pleased with the results of the training techniques we learned at Tucker Pup's. Not only is our dog better behaved, but more importantly has made a connection between learning and fun which will facilitate future training. Thanks again and God bless, Manuel and Belinda Parilla - YELP review
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