www.avsabonline.org ~ American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)position statements:
4pawsu.com ~ Read about "The Dog Whisperer Controversy."

www.dogwise.com ~ A wonderful source for training and behavior books.

www.trulydogfriendly.com ~ a web site with resources about humane, pain free training. Referral list of trainers who are committed to humane, dog friendly techniques.

www.fearfuldogs.com ~ A great website providing excellent information about living and working with a fearful dog (most aggression is based in fear).

www.campdogwood.com ~ A camp for you and your dog. It's the most fun you can have with your canine pals!

The CGC class was great! This was our second class we've taken with Debbie at Tucker Pup's so we knew we would be in good hands. She is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. One of Gunther's major hurdles to pass the CGC was to allow friendly strangers to pet him without shying away. After a couple of classes and a couple of great tips from Debbie, we started seeing a major improvement! He passed the test with flying colors and is now a Canine Good Citizen. It's so great to see him more comfortable when strangers (and friends) pet him! Great class, great instructor, and well worth the time, money and effort!
- Kara Fromme
Debbie and Ludo hiking in the Dunes
www.parkersnaturals.com ~ A natural dog & cat market in Hyde Park.

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www.pettethers.com ~ A place to get pet tethers that are chew proof.

www.chicagopartyanimals.com ~ A dog-friendly event space in Chicago for every kind of event.
www.dogstardaily.com ~ A great resource with lots of free information and downloads to help you train your dog.
Dominance - AVSAB dispels the myths surrounding this overused 
                       and often missed used term.
Punishment - Understand its use and potential for adverse effects.
Socialization - Learn about the importance of socialization in puppies.
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