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Puppy 1 - This is the most important class you will take with your dog. This class covers intensive socialization plus an introduction to basic cues such as attention, sit, down, leave it, drop-it, wait and come when called. We will cover housetraining, crate training, handling, mouthing, chewing and more. Developed for all puppies up to 5 months old, this class also features polite leash walking, anti-jumping, and basic impulse control. $180 for 6 weeks. Contact Debbie for next starting date.  @ For Your K9 - Melrose Park, IL.
Group Classes
Basic Obedience - This class is for dogs 5 months and older. Subjects like nipping, biting, jumping on people, barking, chewing will be discussed. Basic behaviors like sit, down, attention, leave it, come, wait, and more will be introduced. This is a 'must do' for any beginner, or those that need work on the basics.  $180 for 6 weeks. Contact Debbie for next starting date. @ For Your K9 - Melrose Park, IL
Lyric and I had a wonderful experience in Polite Puppy training. Debbie was excellent; her commanding knowledge of dog cognition and motivation was very instructive. She does a great job “translating” dog behavior into human terms. She is passionate in her commitment to improving the welfare of dogs and their relationships with their caregivers. Lyric learned to obey basic commands, it’s true. But more importantly, I received the training and education that I needed to interact with Lyric in a win-win way that creates long-term bonding and skill retention. Based on time-tested learning theories, the training provides a solid behavioral foundation for the dog and her owner. I would highly recommend it.
- Susan L. Staggs, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Don't have time in your schedule for a group class?
Or maybe your dog has a behavior issue that is not addressed in a class setting?
Private lessons are an option
$90-$175 per lesson.
Contact Debbie for availability.
Private Instruction
Beyond Basics - $180 for 6 weeks. So you've taken a group class before, but your dog (or you) need more work? In this class we work on increasing reliability and introducing new skills. We cater the class to you and your dog and what you need to work on. Meets Tuesday nights at 7 pm. New classes start every 6 weeks. Contact Debbie for next starting date. @ For Your K9 - Melrose Park, IL
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Life Skills for the Urban Dog - This course covers everything a good Urban Dog needs to know:
Impulse control  (Does your dog jump, bark, pull, lunge? We'll work on getting control of this, and getting our dogs to make better choices.)
Reliability (how can I get my dog to listen, even around distractions?)
Communication (Is your body language helping you or hurting you?  Learn to read your dog better, and develop the mechanical skills necessary to have clarity in your communication.) 
Basics (Whether your dog hasn't learned it yet, or just doesn't respond reliably, we'll be practicing the basics such as - sit, down, wait/stay, come, polite walking.) 
$175 for 6 weeks.   Contact Debbie for next starting date.  
Circus School for Dogs
- $160 for 6 weeks. Ever thought
about quitting your job and joining
the Circus with your dog? Probably
not! But we can pretend we did in
this class and have fun learning some
cool moves. We will be listening to
some old time circus music, teaching
our dogs some great tricks, and
adding to the memories that we have
with our dogs. Meets Tuesday nights
at 8 pm. New classes start every 6
weeks. Contact Debbie for next
starting date.
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